About the Ai’loa


dambala_veverc2The Ai’loa is a religious group that focuses on specific Loa worship and occult activities to yield long and detailed story arcs. Each member may be involved in several intersecting storylines and have different politics and beliefs from their kin, but all actions and events are under the purview of the Loa Dambala. Members are drawn to the cult for the promise of power, autonomy, and political agency. Guided by Prophet Zun’dra, the members of the Ai’loa seek a rightful place for themselves in the world with full autonomy to conduct their worship and customs.

The Ai’loa is comprised solely of Trolls who seek power and reward through the appeasement of the cult’s primary patron Loa, Dambala. There’s no restriction on tribal origin, nor will your Troll be excluded for having another Loa as patron. Dambala not only tolerates but encourages the Ai’loa to curry favor with all Loa so as to empower them for future missions. However, if Dambala feels sleighted in favor of another Loa, there may be repercussions for the group or an individual.

Initiates into the Ai’loa must past a test either set by an Antu’zul, or procure a worthy offering to be placed upon the altar of Dambala.

The Ai’loa is currently recruiting. Contact any of the Antu’zul ingame for an IC interview.