Through our brothers’ eyes

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Zun’dra’s scheme had backfired on him. As the fetish of Moz’feri oozed a a vinous haze a few feet from him in the dirt, he struggled to both catch his breath and snatch it back up in his grasp. He cursed under his breath as weakness snagged his muscles like a net. ‘Jen’roku’ he snarled ‘should not have failed.’ The prophet struggled to his feet after what seemed like hours.

He could not hear the others, but he knew that it would take them even longer than he had to gain consciousness. He stumbled through the dark swamp scrub, cursing and swatting at hostile fauna every few feet. Why had Jen’roku failed? The prophet believed that he could force a change, but the pain of desiderium burned too hotly in the young Shatterspear’s heart to be overcome. Forcing himself into Jen’roku’s memory had indeed done as Darioush warned – it had splintered off a piece of his mind, and it was now trapped. Trapped in the mind of a mon who would likely sooner kill him than return it to him.

Zun’dra sighed. He’d made a choice to better the mons. Not that it pained him terribly to have made such a choice, but he persuaded himself that it was altruistic to some degree. They would be better off, he thought, facing off against inner turmoil before facing the difficult path before them.

Darioush resisted violence in an emotive scene involving his dead mate. Though there was no love lost between them, he’d made peace with the reality of her actions. Zalaashi had passed with flying colours, which was the greatest surprise to the Prophet. He didn’t think that the simple, brutish Drakkari would have given much thought to reacting with aggression, but then Zun’dra was now beginning to learn that he should expect to be surprised.

He wheezed as the thought of Jen’roku stung his mind again. But this time, resolve welled up and smothered his desperate thoughts. He too, would be put to the test. It was time to return to Orgrimmar and be judged.

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