The totem of Zir’week

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The sapphire glint of Saph’ira’s arcane eye flashed and faded as soon as she felt her icy attack fail. Emboldened by the weak gesture, the enormous bat looped around for another assault whilst dangling the High Priestess in its claws. Dzivah could be seen roaring and kicking, but to no avail: The bat Queen of the brood of Zir’week was not about to let go of her valuable prize. She swooped over the group and blasted them with a sonic screech so deafening that Laikah fell to her knees and vomited. Ohiska traced the veve of Lukou on his arm and prayed, his ears aching too fiercely to fight.

Seeing Laikah fall stirred aggression within Jenroku; a dormant force that he wasn’t aware resided in him. He leaped to his feet and shouted a cry so impassioned that his entire body dispersed into an angry, shadowy vapor. He then launched his own attack at the Queen, unleashing a shadow into the air that pierced the mighty beast like a nail. She howled in agony; thousands of tiny screeches from her terrified clutch echoed around the canopy in sympathy.

Drek’tal growled and nocked another arrow, his ears flattened against his head to inure himself from the screeching. He inhaled deeply, pushing against the competing whims of his myriad inner beasts, and fired steadily into the air. The arrow pierced the Queen in her black, sightless eye. Though it made no difference to her senses, she’d lost enough blood to know that the graceful act was to finally relent. As a final indignant act, she pushed herself a little higher into the air and dropped the High Priestess before her wings faltered and her own body began to succumb to gravity.

Saph’ira’s arcane eye shuddered again. She feared Dzivah’s imminent destruction and hurled forth a sphere of water large enough to swallow her. Like a coin into a well, Dzivah dropped and submerged in the ice witch’s spell before it burst, leaving her washed up on the ground like sodden driftwood. The only thing injured was her pride.

On the ground a few feet away, the beast mewled in agony; a few hopeless pleas before the inevitable. Jenroku, still engulfed in a torrent of dark vapors, approached the dying Queen.

“Now, Jenroku…. the mui’sek…” urged Dzivah. She crept on her knees toward him, wet hand outstretched with the latent totem of Zir’week. “It must… be now.”

Jenroku wrenched it from her hand and lunged at the Queen without hesitation. The monster’s eyelids fluttered and ears twitched as Jenroku thrust the totem between her eyes, drawing out her powerful mui’sek. As the unholy act took her essence, so too did it take much of Jenroku’s strength. He collapsed on the floor, the totem humming and visibly ignited.

Dzivah stood up, adjusting her disheveled robes. “The totem of Zir’week….” She stepped over Jenroku’s comatose figure and observed the totem embedded in the Queen’s fallen flesh. “…ours. It belongs now to the Ai’loa, courtesy of Dambala.”

She dug her heel into the massive beast’s shoulder and took the totem in both hands, yanking it free. Its eldritch glow pulsed in her bloodied hands.

“Can you hear me?” she wondered.

“Yes, Daughter. I hear you.” replied the Prophet.

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