A done deal.

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“I use t’be a fisher, Zun’dra… Dat was how I be raised t’hunt, in de early days on da isle.”
 “Wha’ be di biggest ting ya ever did catch?”
“De biggest ting? I catch a sea-snake, once! Big as de boat I was in…”
“Ya remember ‘ow yu did et?”
“Gave it de biggest hug I could… Put mah arms aroun’ its neck, an’ put me daggah in its gullet! Give de head back to de sea, tho’… Be t’ankin’ de spirits for de catch. De rest be tanks by eatin’.”
“An’ ‘Ow did et taste?”
“Like blood, an’ salt, an’ guts… Like de sea when it angry, an’ de beaches fill wit de fish. It taste good…”
 “Sea creatures neva’ bin me taste, Vosu’jin. Must be samting ta do wit di sea havin’ bin treacherous ta me people fo’ centuries.”
“P’haps… De sea hold many secrets. More nasty den not.”


Ohiska eyed the older Gurubashi male, his brow beginning to slightly sweat under the mask. “So I suppose there’s something you require?”

“You be an astute mon, Ohiska. I be calling upon you to deliver a favor unto me.” Zun’dra approached him, the heat of his body more palpable than usual from only inches away. “Nothing untoward, I be assurin’ you.”

Ohiska flicked his ear in minor frustration. A deal was a deal, but he would have wished to stall for more time. With no conceivable exit, he grit his teeth. “Of course, I do indeed owe you. What is it that you require?”

“The time of Bon’odam be approaching, Ohiska. And the prophecy points to Bon’odam being pivotal. It be recognized on the Gurubashi calendar of old, but perhaps unknown to you younger Darkspear.” From his knapsack he pulls out a phial, the edge of it clinking audibly against the bone rattle hanging from his belt. “This be the favor. You must encourage her to drink. She trusts you.”

“Ain’t ya neva heard o’ di fate o’ I’lalai, Vosu’jin? Be a sad ol’ tale to us Gurubashi folk.
“Naw, mon.”
“Well, dere be once a city as magnificent as Zuldazar inna di heart o’ di Coast o’ di Vale. Dat city be called I’lalai. Back in di day, it had bin di jewel o’ di crown fo’ di Gurubashi Empire. I’lalai housed many mons and womons who practiced powerful juju. Di most powahful be a Hexxer named Min’lon di Serpent, one o’ di hands dat served Var’gazul. At di time, the Gurubashi Empire be at its peak o’ prosperity, wealth, an’ might. But all o’ dis came to an abrupt end, because di Serpent angered di watahs. Dem wha’ dey call ‘Neptulon’, di Elemental Loa-god o’ di watah, had a grievance wit Min’loth. Guess his power an’ his hubris got di gods angreh.”

“Why he angreh?”
“Many speculatin’ on di why, none know fo’ sho’. I be guessin’ it be di lack o’ respect. Ya neva take wit out givin’. Dat be di rule o’ di primal Loa, di Ancestor Loa… all di gods and all di spirits be di same.”
“Dere be a price fo’ everytin’.”
“Right. Ya take? Ya give samtin’ back. But ol’ Min’loth nuh so much fo’ givin’. He took watah magick. Never paid di price.”


Ohiska furrowed his brow. “Then I need to know if I am betraying that trust. I am not giving this Dzivah unless you guarantee it won’t harm her.”

Zun’dra snarled with disgust.  “Don’t neglect an honest mon’s right to claim his favor. Would I harm my flesh and blood?  Never. She is our salvation – yours and mine.”

Ohiska reluctantly snatched the phial and held it up to the light in an attempt to determine it’s properties. “A Zandalari associate crafted it to produce vivid, wild and very compelling dreams. That is all.” The priest sighed. “I do hope that the time of riddles is passing.”

As the impish priest turns to walk away, he pauses. “What if she does not drink?

“Then you have failed in your obligations, and I will be displeased.”


“Remember I’lalai, Vosu’jin. An’ why our kind posess a fearful respect fo’ wha’ be comin’ out o’ di sea. But dis Reeshak? Double-crossed Zun’dra, an’ sold me a worthless trinket. Di orb does nuttin’ an’ now he gon’ pay a price fo’ disruptin’ di balance o’ trade.  Ya take? Ya give samtin’ back. Strike dis Naga filth down.”


“Ohiska. Wait.”

 From the bank of the muddy Orgrimmar waterhole trekked in another figure, who manoevered from behind the small Troll to cut off his path. He looked to be an intrepid Troll wanderer caked in mud and the smell of death. He was clad in long leathers and wore a mask fashioned to be not unlike the skull of a parrot. The bird’s eyes were blackened and deranged.

“You remember my associate, Vosu’Jin, don’t you? See, he and I be…. interested in you, Ohiska. You be showin’ signs o’ spiritual illness in thepast. We got sometin’ the other day that maybe helps.”

Vosujin craned his neck forward, like he wanted to get a closer look… Or to pounce. His empty eyes hovered upon Ohiska, before twisting as his head cocked towards Zun’dra as the Gurubashi male pulled out a small violet orb swarming with a dark pulse of shadow. “There once be a Naga named Reeshak, who as Vosu’jin here can attest, died a quick and much-owed death for double-crossing powers beyond him. This be his final remnant.”

“And you think it can help me regain my power? This is to be my payment?”

Vosujin cackled and puffed his chest out. “Da sea be givin’ up it’s boon, ju got a chance tah have it soon.”

“Zun’dra put his hand roughly on Ohiska’s slender shoulder. “Payment that you be sorely ill-equipped at dis time ta handle. Dis be an amplifier – amplifies shadow an’ any imprecations made on its behalf. You may be ‘cured’ at di moment but I still be smelling weakness on ya.” He motions to Vosu’jin. “Yo, ya still got di phial o’ Reeshak’s blood?”

Vosujin cocked his head again, an untoward sound of excitement escaping him at the word ‘dead’ before he seemed to calm himself and rest back upon his haunches, putting his left hand behind himself to fish about the net upon his back. “I be havin’ jus’ da ting, mon…” With that, he produced a corked phial; capped over as if for insurance with a tattered piece of cloth and string. A slug hung pendulously from the bottom of the phial, and Vosu’jin cackled. “Ere. Speh’cial delivereh…”

Zun’dra pushed him to face the other masked mon. “If you take di Orb, you best be drinkin’ di blood of its rightful previous owner. You dig et? Otherwise di Orb gon’ fight ya.”

Ohiska nervously looked at the phial that dangled from Vosu’jin’s fingers. He turned his head slightly and could see the pulsing orb on Zundra’s palm.” … It is mine then?”

“If you drink Reeshak’s blood, the orb will yield to ya as mastah. Don’t drink it? Consequences neither o’ us can forsee. Possibly bad and reprehensible juju follows.”

Ohiska nodded after a long silence. “I will try to convince D’zivah to drink the liquid. But I will -not- resort to trickery.” He held up the Orb, looking deep into its black, viscous folds. “If-… If she drinks the elixir, it will be of her own choice. Our deal is done and my debt is repaid.

“That be correct, Ohiska.”
Vosujin tapped his beak and called out after the priest as he walked away. “Jus’ remembah t’be drinkin’ de blood befoah ju be usin’ da orb… Wouldn’ wan’ tah mebbe kill ju’self. Or othahs.”
He chuckled. “Acciden’ly, anyweh.”

“We have ta rebuild, make a new Zuldazar, a new I’lalai… But we can nuh do et wit’ out di blessing o’ di Loa.”
“I wunner what we lose next…”
“If we build trust in dem, dey gonna help our race prosper again. It be give an’ take, Vosu’jin. Where a mighty race has fallen, it must reflect an’ pay its dues. Dat be why I cursed Reeshak, an’ drove him mad wit’ passion. Not just vengeance, an experiment; His blood be coursing wit’ the fervent desire an’ zealotry of our previous generations.”
“So dis be why we be goin’ tah burn de Naga… To work back de trust.”

We be in deficit. It be time to do di Loa’s work. “

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