A strange request.

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Dzivah slumped to the bottom of the cave floor, sweat running down her neck and cheeks. As soon as the dancing had stopped, her brew slowed its boil down to a contented simmer. “Sh-should be a good one” she gasped. Ohiska and Drek’tal shared a few uneasy looks as she climbed to her feet and began scooping the brew into glass vials. Each vial was stained and cloudy with scuff marks.

Ohiska sat forward, eyeing the jade colored liquid as it sloshed noisily into each vial. “Will this be dangerous? Are there any side effects to take into account?”

Drek’tal scoffed. “No more dangerous than a Kor’kron axe stuck between your eyes.”

A large bubble exploded from the cauldron as if in response to the question. Dzivah shrugged. “Ohiska. This brew works by suggestion. Of course there be danger. But you do not have the luxury of being cautious.” She handed a vial to him. “If it works, Dzivah gives you the rest.”


Before he could thank or question her, she pointed beyond him. “There. That one. He patrols. You see Kor’kron? You drink. They see Kor’kron. All see Kor’kron. Clever juju.” Ohiska turned to see a Kor’Kron Orc soldier, thick-necked and puggish in the face, unenthusiastically patrolling the path back from the cave to the encampment. Eventually he turned the corner and presented his back to the group. ‘Go!’ Dzivah urged, nudging Ohiska toward the cave entrance.

The small Troll male ripped the cork from the vial and tipped it down his throat. He squeezed his other fist tightly and wrinkled his brow as he stared the Orc’s bald head down. There was a sudden puff of purple smoke, and Ohiska gasped. He touched his face slowly as he turned to face the others.

Dzivah could not stifle her laughter. Where her small Troll friend once stood was now an even smaller Goblin male.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAA! OH! Not quite what Dzivah had in mind! But we are starved for ingredients up here in Malaka’Jin, so…” her voice trailed off as she began to chuckle again at Ohiska’s transformation. Drek’tal, too, snickered as Ohiska tried to awkwardly walk back to Dzivah in his appropriated Goblin body. “I’m guessing it didn’t work?” the small would-be Goblin asked.

Drek’tal shrugged. “Do not fret. There are many Goblins among the Kor’kron.”

Dzivah shook her head emphatically. “The brew is fine and correct. Brother Ohiska needs practice! Potion juju be highly suggestive. Works well on the minds of the gullible, but the doubtful need more work. So much of juju be dependent on the malleable mind. Ohiska is too much a doubter, and must suspend such doubt.”

As Dzivah defended her brew’s efficacy, Drek’tal kept a watchful eye over his shoulder. His ears fanned backwards, flattened against his skull to listen in for unwanted company.

“You must THINK like an Orc!”

Ohiska pondered this for a moment. “How does an Orc think?” The other two Trolls looked at each other. Drek’tal shook his head and continued to scout the cave path. Dzivah grunted. “You know, Dzivah does not know. They are barbarous but they think that we are the barbarous ones. They talk of family, clans, and honor, but they toss Darkspear to the wolves! So to be honest with you, Brother Ohiska, Dzivah does not understand the Orcs much at all. But you must try to understand them if you wish to succeed at this ridiculous scheme.”

Ohiska took a deep breath, uncorking the next vial with clumsy Goblin fingers. “Let us try another.”

Again, purple smoke masked a quick and fruitless transformation. This time Ohiska returned to his original form. He looked down and while momentarily relieved to have his body back, he quickly flicked an ear in frustration when the realization hit that he’d again failed.

Dzivah sighed loudly in frustration and grabbed one of the vials. “Here.” She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, whispering. “Just… like…”

The smoke cleared. “….this”. Dzivah dropped the vial and with two hands free clutched at her broad, muscular chest and large tusks. Ohiska’s mouth fell open in awe.

Drek’tal turned to face the both of them. “Would it help if I brought him a body to focus o-“

The Primal blinked. His love and mate had turned herself into his spiting image and was unabashedly fondling her new physical form in much the same way she would when they were intimate. She laughed at his horrified face. “You see, Ohiska? Dzivah was… thinking of the Primal and, well… you see Drek’tal. Twice.”

Ohiska only shook his head, unfazed by her antics. “I will never understand alchemy.”

“You practice! Clear your mind beforehand, meditate. You take your time. You need more? You come see me. But Ohiska?”

Ohiska looked up at his now immensely sized friend.

“For this, I be expecting a favor. I need help. My puzzle keeps me restless and awake. And Drek’tal and I will be accompanying you back to Durotar. If you’re going to throw yourself at an angry nest, I’ll not allow you to do it alone. Your knowledge is too valuable for me to allow to pass to the other side.”

Ohiska nodded. It was settled. They packed their Raptors in silence and entered the journey back to Razor Hill with little conversation. They all knew they’d need their strength for the trials ahead.

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