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“On the skin of ancestral land
buried by forest furs
shall come a collision of two souls;
the joiner shall grasp
the fallow child’s hand
and the snake will bind power to the whole.”

All Zun’dra had left were the words and his instincts. They had been read over many times, committed to memory and recitable at will. At times the words lost their efficacy, or gained a distinct flavor that dispossessed the original interpretation, but it always came back to the same imperative: find the ‘fallow child‘.


The story of the Ai’loa begins with a prophecy. A Gurubashi witch doctor by the name of Zun’dra is the last living mon to hear them spoken, and the last living mon able to decipher them. After having crossed continents and searched all over Azeroth for the meaning contained within these cryptic oral prophecies, Zun’dra comes to believe that he may play a part in not only deciphering them, but bringing them to fruition.

Zun’dra’s search leads him to finding Dzivah, a trenchant and vicious Darkspear womon who bears a resemblance to his former mate and mistress, Mari’ka. For an hour he spoke pieces of the prophecy to Dzivah and insisted that she believe him to be her father. Skeptical and agitated by his claims, she abandoned him in the Vale, but pondered his words for days before finally confessing the strange meeting to her mate, the primal Drek’tal. Both agreed that the stranger was a threat to Dzivah that should be jointly confronted and killed.

At the same time, on the opposite coast of Kalimdor, Zun’dra meets Dzivah’s trusted confidant and mentor, Ohiska. Zun’dra attempts to intimidate Ohiska with veiled threats, seeking an uninterrupted audience with Dzivah outside of Ohiska’s influence. This places Ohiska on high alert and when he and the pyromancer meet several days later after many months apart, he counsels Dzivah and her mate to follow him deep into the heart of Desolace to conduct a ritual that may uncover some of Zun’dra’s riddles.


The ritual is successful, but also yields a cost. Broken and spiritually frail as a consequence of invoking such magic, Ohiska leaves the other two in Desolace and returns to Sen’jin village to recover, though he is left with an unabated ailment of his spirit: the loss of his shadow. In the village he is able to establish himself further with the rebellion movement, but there he also encounters Zun’dra.┬áThis time the exchange ends quite differently: Zun’dra offers Ohiska help in exchanged for an undisclosed favor. The old shadowhunter’s only guarantee is that the favor will not be immoral, and that it can be flatly refused. Ohiska reluctantly agrees. The two hatch a bizarre plan to break into a Kor’kron encampment after Ohiska finds a noteworthy document containing research notes from the land of Pandaria.


Days later, Ohiska turns to Dzivah for her skills as a potion doc in aid of this plan. Unbeknownst to her, she crafts him the desired potions and the Primal escorts the both of them to Razor Hill, which now serves as an occupied Darkspear fort.

Four lives inextricably bound up by an obscure prophecy: where does it lead? How does it end? The Loa Dambala set the stage, the rest is up to the actors to decide.

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  • Ohiska

    (( Damn, I feel really pedantic about this. It was also something that I feel I executed extremely poorly.
    Just thought I should correct it myself quickly. Ohiska lost his Shadow shortly after his exile from Orgrimmar, rather than as a consequence of the ritual.

    That’s all I needed to say. :X Sorry about scarring this lovely entry here. ))

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