Four daggers and a pact.

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Zun’dra tipped his head back and let the last few drop of rum glide down his throat. Eyeing the empty canteen, he chuckled to himself about how he no longer regretted setting the rest of it alight just a few hours earlier. Nodding in self-affirmation, he tossed the canteen unceremoniously over his shoulder and peered down at the sack full of salted meat by his side.


His spirit was buoyant after the hunting party, but it was not from the bounty, nor the impassioned violence and vandalism that preceded it. Zun’dra took out the ornate dagger that tonight found a new home in his belt and fingered the hilt tenderly. He debated naming it, but thought that perhaps it was yet too soon to be ostentatious about so beautiful a gift. The three mons who had accompanied him on the hunt had likely not named theirs, nor yet considered the significance of their coming to be in possession of such fine blades.

Zun’dra smiled as he observed the terrifying visage of his painted mask reflected in the blade.

It has begun.

The Ai’loa have come to claim their rightful place.

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